Water Damage Restoration

Being faced with a water damage disaster can be a stressful situation, the Nationwide Disaster Team is there for you in your time of need. We have a full staff of qualified individuals who are skilled in water damage restoration. So Clean Inc. is a licensed and insured restoration company with the right skills and equipment to overcome any disaster you could be faced with.

Water Damage Restoration

Most insurance companies will deny coverage if a disaster is not handled in the proper timeframe. Neglecting to handle your water damage within a certain amount time can actually cause much more secondary damage. It is imperative that you contact a licensed water damage restoration company immediately.


  • A skilled technician will show up promptly and assess the current issue you have. The technician will then inform you each step that it takes to handle the water damage you are currently faced with.
  • Cost depends on the unique disaster that you are faced with, and insurance coverage. So Clean Inc. Nationwide Disaster Team  is dedicated to finding the most cost effective solution for each unique disaster. So Clean Inc. will exceed in educating you the proper procedures to take with solving your current disaster.
  • First, there are 3 types of water damage classification categories.  Depending on your situation, there may be a variety of steps required to resolve your damaged property.
    • Category 1 Water (a.k.a. Clean Water) – this is considered water that is uncontaminated at the source, which is safe for animals and humans to consume.(Category 1 can occasionally be solved by simply extracting the water and setting up are dehumidifiers and air movers).
    • Category 2 Water (a.k.a. Grey Water) – this refers to water that has a degree of contamination present at the source. This may cause some discomfort or illness if consumed by humans or animals.
    • Category 3 Water (a.k.a. Black Water) – this type of water is highly contaminated at the source. Can also cause serious illness or even death if consumed by animals or people. This typically contains harmful bacteria and is very unsanitary.

Category 2 & 3 cannot just be dried and cleaned,

Category 2 & 3 can cause further secondary damage among other future issues, and/or worst case it may make you, or a family member ill. We urge you to call a licensed professional immediately when faced with grey, or black water contamination.

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